New to the gym?

You?ve already chosen the right gym, now it?s time to get your gym essentials sorted. Choose from a selection of clothing and equipment, through to healthy snacks and drinks.

At Pure Gym, we want to make sure that every time visit you are 100% efficient with your time. To help you along the way to achieving your own personal goal, we have created a list of products to get you started on the right track.

From looking good in the latest gear to having the right equipment at your fingertips, our New to the Gym section is designed with you in mind.



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    Goodbye PIN, hello easy way in!*

    Accessing PureGym has never been quicker or easier.

    Our new key fobs give you instant access to the gym…

    RRP: £6.00

    Save: £0.00


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    Dymatize Elite Whey (907g)

    The perfect anytime protein!
    Are you looking for an anytime protein with great value? Whether you’re supporting muscle growth after a hard workout or simply…

    RRP: £32.99

    Save: £9.00


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    Dymatize ISO100 (900g)

    World’s best selling isolate before and after training!

    Everyone looking for a lean and powerful physique knows about the challenge of supporting the promotion of…

    RRP: £39.99

    Save: £8.00


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    Core Lean Package (Fitness Mad)

    With hard work and determination (not included), this bundle will get you lean and strong, with an duo ab roller, resistance band and speed rope…

    RRP: £25.99

    Save: £3.00


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    Gym Glove Amara Blue/Gray

    At last, weight lifting gloves especially designed for ladies! We've brought in the medical experts to help create a better-fitting, comfortable product. Made from Amara…

    RRP: £14.99

    Save: £3.00


  • product

    Gym Glove Amara New Pink/Black

    Who says it has to be function over fashion? With these RDX® ladies Amara gym gloves you can have both! Comfort and protection comes as…

    RRP: £14.99

    Save: £3.00


  • product

    Gym Glove Leather Red/Black

    Lift like a pro with these RDX® leather lifting gloves. Designed to suit both novices and professionals these high quality gloves now include an improved…

    RRP: £31.24

    Save: £6.25


  • product

    Gym Glove Leather S14 Tan

    Optimize each weight lifting session with our authentic leather built gym gloves that are double-stitched and designed to endure. 3MM EVA lines the insides of…

    RRP: £22.49

    Save: £4.50


  • product

    Gym Glove Metallic Leather L10 Blue

    Grab a pair of these RDX weightlifting gloves to get a good grip on those weights. Made from cowhide leather for a hard-wearing product, and…

    RRP: £27.49

    Save: £5.50


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    Weight Loss Workout Plan

    These plans are available free in the PureGym app. Click the Access button in the app to use!

    RRP: £5.00

    Save: £0.00