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Goodbye PIN, hello easy way in!* Accessing PureGym has never been quicker or easier. Our new key fobs give you instant access to the gym without having to enter your PIN. Get yours now! *You will still need your PIN to access Massage chairs, BodyTracks, Sports Water or other Bolt ons if you have this as part of your membership. Only one key fob can be activated per membership. Any additional key fob purchases will not work at any of our gyms.

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You can activate your fob in three easy steps:

  • 1  Go to
  • 2  Login with your email and PIN
  • 3  Enter the 17-digit code on your fob

That's it - your key fob is now ready to use

To enter or leave the gym:

  • Hold your fob against the blue circle under the keypad by the entry pod
  • The light will turn green, you'll hear a beep, and the pod will open