Dr Zak's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Dr Zak's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

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Dr Zak's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is part of the “Essentials Range”. This Coconut Oil is full of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MTC's) that have huge nutritional benefits as well as being anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and high in lauric acid. It has a very subtle coconut taste and smell (a good indicator of the high quality extraction method)

Dr Zak's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil comes from a plantation in the heart of Sri Lanka, and is made using a cold pressed method, so that the raw ingredients are undamaged, ensuring it is classed as a raw food. This ensures the highest possible quality of the oil, safeguarding all the beneficial enzymes.

The Dr Zak's Extra Virgin Organic Coconut oil is white when cool and clear when heated, it does not have a yellow/brown tinge to it like many others, another indicator that the method used to extract it was a cold pressed extraction method.

It is brilliant for cooking, with a high smoke point making it safe to use in high temperatures, this guarantees that the oil does not become carcinogenic and break down with excessive heat.

Use to replace traditional cooking oils when cooking. Use amount desired to supply your target calories from fat and MCT oil
Nutritional Information, Typical Values per 100g
of which saturates89g
Monounsaturated fats6g
Polyunsaturated fats1g
of which sugars0g
Fatty AcidPercentage
Caproic Acid (C6)0.2%
Caprylic Acid (C8)7.8%
Capric Acid (C10)6.5%
Lauric Acid (C12)50.6%
Myristic Acid (C14)19.5%
Palmitic Acid (C16)6.5%
Stearic Acid (C18)1.9%
Oleic Acid (C18.1)4.5%
Linoleic Acid (C18.2)2.5%
100% Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans