USN Diet Fuel Ultralean

USN Diet Fuel Ultralean

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USN’s Diet Fuel UltraLean is a high protein, high-fibre meal replacement shake that offers convenient nourishment that helps you maintain a diet.


Core Benefits of Diet Fuel Ultralean:

Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements such as Diet Fuel contributes to weight loss**
Substituting one daily meal of an energy restricted diet with a meal replacement such as Diet Fuel contributes to the maintenance of weight after weight loss** ƒƒ
Formulated with chromium, which contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism & the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
25g of protein per serving which ƒsupports the maintenance of lean muscle
Suitable for vegetarians
Who should use it:
Anyone aiming for effective weight loss
For those looking to improve body tone
The reduction of excess weight and the maintenance of a healthy body and mind are best achieved by consistently following a balanced, whole-food, calorie-controlled diet and doing regular exercise.  USN’s Diet Fuel Ultra Lean is a high-protein, high-fibre meal replacement shake that offers convenient nourishment, which helps you maintain a diet that’s balanced and which provides essential nutrients during the weight management process.

Add 2 rounded scoops (55g) to 200-300ml of cold water (or skimmed milk). Mix thoroughly in a blender or a shaker for about 30 seconds.
Have 1-2 servings daily. The ingredients used to formulate this product are not sports banned substances

Per 100g / Per 2 rounded scoops (55g):
ENERGY: 1474kj / 351kca / 811kj / 193kcal
PROTEIN: 46g / 25g
FAT: 3.6g / 2g
TOTAL FIBRE: 9g / 5g
SODIUM: 529mg / 291mg
POTASSIUM: 338mg / 186mg
CALCIUM: 636mg / 350mg
PHOSPHOROUS: 598mg / 329mg
MAGNESIUM: 280mg /154mg
CHROMIUM: 55ìg / 30ìg
VITAMIN A: 573ìg / 315ìg
VITAMIN D: 3ìg / 1.8ìg
VITAMIN E: 9mg / 5mg
VITAMIN C: 47mg / 26mg
VITAMIN B1: 1mg / 0.4mg
VITAMIN B2: 1mg / 0.5mg
NIACIN: 10mg / 5.6mg
VITAMIN B6: 1mg / 0.5mg
FOLIC ACID: 255mg / 140ìg
VITAMIN B12: 1mg / 0.8ìg
BIOTIN: 19mg / 11ìg
N-ACETYL-L-CARNITINE: 364mg / 200mg

Please note that amount per serving is a guide only. Nutritional breakdown for individual products may vary slightly.
Whey protein concentrate (36%), Maltodextrin, Soy protein isolate, Inulin, Calcium caseinate, Cocoa powder (only in chocolate flavour), Fructose, Sunflower oil, Milk protein isolate (92% micellar casein), Potassium citrate, Garcinia cambogia (1.8%), Lactoval® HiCal (Milk mineral complex), Flavouring, Rice starch, Stabilisers (Guar & Xanthan gum), Colour [Red beet powder (only in strawberry flavour)], Magnesium oxide, Non-nutritive sweetener (Sucralose), Ascorbic acid, Iron fumarate, D-Alpha-tocopherol acetate, Zinc citrate, Nicotinamide, Copper bisglycinate, Tolerase™L (pHstable lactase), Manganese ascorbate, D-Calcium pantothenate, Vitamin A palmitate, Biotin, Cyanocobalamin,
Cholecalcipherol, Pyridoxine HCl, Riboflavin, Thiamin HCl, Chromium picolinate, Potassium iodate, Folic acid (Pteroylmonoglutamic acid), Sodium selenate.